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                            Welcome to Guardians Of The Night

The Book of Law

 Do not use guildchat as Trade Chat, we do not sell items to each other
- Do not use bad/rude language in guildchat or to another Guardians
- Do not spam the guildchat with questions and shouts (CAPS)
- Do not beg for money and items, as knighted member use the Tradeforum
- Do not talk about Drugs, Racism, Dirty talk and other none D&D related annoying things
- Say hello and bye to others in guildchat
- Say afk or on mission, so that others now that you are busy
- Help if you can and answer questions in Forum & Guildchat
- Donate items you do not need to other Guardians
- We are the Guardians Of The Night and not holy Paladins, Guardians is not good or evil, breaking the laws can be punished with exile and banishment, and there will be no discussions or mercy. Executers will kick a fallen Guardians and lawbreaker without hesitation. 
All those above are not rules in my eyes, it is common sense!
- When you join the Guild, you join with your main character.
- You may have as many alts as you like in the guild, however please make sure you list them on the outpost part of the forum to prevent confusion.
- When you stay offline for 12 weeks, without telling your sisters and brother why, we have to remove you from the guild, but you can join again if you play again.

Who we are


Raids and PvP Events

Guild News    


GuardiansOfTheNight , Aug 3, 11 11:06 PM.
I am updating the side more when more menerbers are coming in


GuardiansOfTheNight , Apr 12, 11 6:10 AM.
every one is welcome to thr best guild in orion

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

GuardiansOfTheNight , Apr 11, 11 5:52 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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